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How to post on pinterest

Pinterest has become more than a platform for sharing ideas—it’s a place to earn money. Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, a blogger, or a small business owner, understanding how to post on Pinterest effectively can boost your online presence and income. In this guide, we’ll cover everything from how to create engaging pins to using Social Saver for downloading Pinterest videos.

What is Pinterest?

what is pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform with over 450 million active users. From fashion and home decor to recipes, Pinterest users seek and save ideas on various topics, creating an opportunity for businesses and creators to showcase their products and talents.

How to Post on Pinterest

Creating an account is the first step towards posting on Pinterest. With an email address or social media accounts, you can sign up on the Pinterest website or mobile app. After setting up your account, personalize your profile to stand out from the crowd.

Navigating the Pinterest interface might seem daunting at first, but it’s quite user-friendly. Familiarize yourself with the main sections like the home feed, search bar, and your profile page.

To post on Pinterest, you’ll need visually striking images that represent your ideas or products. Uploading and pinning images are easy tasks on Pinterest, which you can do with just a few clicks. Remember to add a title, description, and select a relevant board when pinning your image.

Crafting Engaging Pin Descriptions and Titles

An engaging pin description can attract users and improve the visibility of your pins in search results. Similarly, descriptive titles are crucial for your Pinterest SEO strategy. Incorporating relevant keywords in your descriptions and titles can enhance your pin’s discoverability.

Using Hashtags for Greater Visibility

Including relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions can significantly increase their visibility. A blend of broad and specific hashtags related to your niche can help you reach a wider audience.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

By understanding the earning potential of Pinterest, you can turn it into a revenue-generating platform. Affiliate marketing, promoted pins, and collaborations with brands and influencers are effective ways to earn money on Pinterest. By creating high-quality pins and running targeted campaigns, you can attract potential customers and boost your income.

Scheduling Pins for Consistent Engagement

Scheduling your pins can help maintain a consistent presence on Pinterest, leading to higher engagement. Use Pinterest’s built-in scheduling tools or third-party tools like Tailwind or Buffer for more advanced options.

Posting on Pinterest using Different Devices

Pinterest’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to post from any device. Be it a mobile phone, a Windows PC, or a Mac, the process remains straightforward.

Creating Your Own Pins for Increased Visibility

Creating your own pins can increase your visibility and drive more traffic to your website or blog. Custom pins allow you to infuse your brand’s identity into your Pinterest presence, creating a distinctive brand image that attracts followers.

Downloading Pinterest Videos with Social Saver

Social Saver is a handy tool that makes downloading Pinterest videos a breeze. Whether you want to view them offline or repurpose them, Social Saver can be a valuable tool in your Pinterest strategy.


Posting on Pinterest is a powerful strategy for sharing your ideas, promoting your products, and potentially making money. By understanding how to effectively post, you can maximize your Pinterest presence and achieve your online goals.


Can I earn money by posting on Pinterest?

Yes, through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and collaborations with brands.

Is it necessary to use hashtags in Pinterest pins?

Although not mandatory, hashtags can improve the visibility of your pins.

Can I schedule pins directly from the Pinterest app?

Yes, Pinterest has built-in scheduling tools.

How often should I post on Pinterest?

Consistency is key. Aim to post regularly, at least a few times per week.

Is Social Saver a free tool?

Yes, Social Saver is free for downloading Pinterest videos.

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